Introducing Amilesh

Student ✕ Developer ✕ Fun Guy

So, whose Amilesh?

Meet Amilesh Nanthakumaran, an aspiring software developer pursuing Software Engineering at Carleton University. Armed with Python, Java, ReactJS and a dash of C#, he's on a quest to explore and innovate in the ever-evolving realm of software engineering. Outside of solving challenges, Amilesh likes to play basketball and spend time with family and friends. Available for adventures starting September 2024.

Work Experience


WaveRouter Software Developer | May 2023 - December 2023

◆ Transformed software deployment for WaveRouter by slashing hardware downtime by 50%

◆ Utilized object-oriented design for improved modularity and maintainability

◆ Collaborated extensively with cross-functional teams, refining recovery approaches


Forpaws by MeowDevCU

Full Stack Developer

◆ Engineered a social media web application for pet lovers and owners using ReactJS, HTML, CSS, and Firebase

Dataset Analyzer Application

Team Leader/Software Developer

◆ Led a team of 4 to analyze a subset of the Google Books dataset using Python

Uno Flip Game

Software Developer

◆ Worked in a team of 4 to create an interactive Uno Flip Game including MVC GUI design and XML Serialization